Workshop Facilitation

Process Design & Workshop Facilitation


During my time at Hyper Island, I learnt the importance of understanding the psychology of teams through process design. In more than a few occasions, I’ve had the opportunity to facilitate sessions both as jumping off points as part of projects and also in isolation as a workshop facilitator for a variety of clients all wanting to find new ways to engage a wide range of key partners in the initial workshops. These experiences serve a multitude of purposes in helping a group of people feel-out the specific requirements for different organisations at different times, and can be invaluable in providing structure, aligning expectations with stakeholders, inspiring confidence and allaying concerns very early on.

Once I delved into the world of process design and the psychology of team dynamics, I realised that process design is crucial for the success of large cross functional teams working together. It is also one of my favourite parts of the design process. I believe that an important part of my job as a designer is to help facilitate processes which empower teams, boost innovation and inspire radical change within organisations.


Oh Ltd

I worked with Robyn Dooley from the OH Catalyst programme to run a trust building workshop with her students in Liverpool. This was their first day in the programme and so the main aim of the exercise was to build lots of trust within the participants in a fun way. The challenge was to draw each other’s portraits for 20 seconds without losing eye contact when participating. During this exercise, every participant had eye contact with every other student for at least 20 seconds. After the exercise, I gave them a few minutes to reflect and discuss how the exercise had made them feel.

UX Design Workshop - HOOAREYOU

I believe user experience design is an inherently collaborative process, and so I planned, led and facilitated a UX discovery workshop with HooAreYoo startup team
to be able to better understand their new website brief and to make sure we aligned expectations regarding the project. I encourage every UX designer to run a co-creation workshop with your client and your team whenever you’re working on a UX project again. It saves the client time, it optimises communication, and generates great results on their projects.


FUture Mapping workshop with UK Hyper ISland Students

I planned and facilitated a full day future mapping workshop with experience design DXD Hyper Island students in Manchester. During this workshop, we analysed the current tech and design industry as a whole, and we also looked at where we think this industry is going.